Five plants for a xeriscape yard
Five plants for a xeriscape yard

Many people who live in urban or rural areas and own a house want to create a lovely garden, something green and alive that will raise their mood every time they will go through it. However, most people don't have the time to care and water the plants properly, so xeriscaping is a choice many people are choosing. Here are five plants you can use for this type of technique, which requires little to no irrigation.

1.Acacia. This tree is widely known for its shape and the way it grows, but some people don't know that it requires very little water to grow properly and to remain alive and healthy throughout the seasons.

2.Cercis occidentalis. This beautiful shrub is by far one of the best choices. Not only it has low water consumption, which is the main aspect here but also for its beautiful foliage. It will make your garden shine and it will definitely be a stand-out in your garden.

3.Vitex agnus-castus. This type of tree, also known as lilac chastetree will produce nicely colored beauty to your garden. This will make it a great addition to your yard.

4.Grevillea. This is a diverse genus that contains about 360 species of plants that produce beautiful red flowers, also known as spider flowers.

5.Tecomaria capensis. This bright plant will develop lovely flowers, which will ensure that your garden shines. It has minimal water consumption, which is exactly what we are looking for when we are designing a xeriscape garden.