Three green home renovations
Three green home renovations

To tell the truth, making green home renovations is not easy. Hiring professionals to help out might help, but there are still some major decisions to make that will determine the green effectiveness of your space. Let’s take a look at three simple renovations that can change the whole “persona” of your home and make it more efficient and green.

Smart use of space

This is important to make spaces look larger.  If you wish, you can have these spaces connect at least three rooms in your house so that you can actually have visuals of all of them from the same spot.  Designers might want to make the kitchen an extension of the dining room and with a good view to the living room’s television. Making spaces look bigger also makes them look brighter as they allow more natural light to come in.  This effect can be created with taller ceilings, glass doors, floating cabinets in the kitchen, and some energy-saving LED lights. Make sure your walls are a light color.

Natural ventilation

In a green home, the primary purpose of windows to have enough ventilation and light for your home. Mostly, the air inside your house is polluted or stale without the proper ventilation. Added to this pollution, your house is probably painted with volatile organic compounds or VOCs, which are released into the air as paint dries. You also will probably have VOCs in your cleaning supplies or building materials as it is a common ingredient. To this, add mold produced by moisture, pet remains, and radon in some cases. Allow air to flow in and outside your house by strategically placing your windows around your house.  The best way to ensure air ventilation is to place open windows across from each other and no farther away than 20 ft from each other.

An effective and clean backyard

One important aspect to your backyard is to effectively place plants so they do not look crowded.  You can add some hanging ones on the back porch.  The other aspect is to try to make the exterior as low maintenance as possible.  Create a connection between a room and the backyard.  Plan to install a large sliding door that leads from the living room to the green of the backyard.