Green Living tells how to make pet care earth friendly
Green Living tells how to make pet care earth friendly

With an eco-centric mindset being embraced more and more around the world, exciting changes and innovations have come about. Options like recycling have expanded, and a shift has brought more consumers to awareness than ever before.

When choosing products for your pet, you consider value, type, and ingredients. Do you consider their effects on the Earth?
The principal aspects are similar to any other carbon footprint reduction, things like reducing your use of beef and plastic help tremendously. These aren’t the only methods however.
There are several less obvious methods of reducing negative effect.

  • Look for organic grooming options:
    • Typical grooming options often include a multitude of toxic ingredients. Seeking organic ingredients for your pet help to reduce this.
    •  For cleaning pens, carry crates and boxes - use disinfectants that are non-toxic and biodegradable.
    •  Pet clean up – find biodegradable products and disposal options to reduce the carbon footprint of waste materials. Check the kitty-litter labels.
    • Consider adopting abandoned animals. Adopting pets from shelters was already a great practice, but considering its environmental implications, such as cats being set free to fend for themselves causes dogs to become wild and run in packs and cats becoming feral causes rabies and distemper to spread, which can endanger other wild and domesticated animals, and humans as well.
    • Spay or neuter your pets. This decision could have the biggest impact. Accidental litters are something to avoid because of overpopulation.

Taking even a couple of these steps could reduce the carbon footprint significantly and help pet owners lead a more eco-friendly life, and in turn, helping our planet.