Earth Day 2016 promotes planting trees.
Earth Day 2016 promotes planting trees.

The Earth is dying and in hands of humans. It seems like there is no limit to development and consequences seem not to be of much concern. However, there are groups of people who wish to pass on a better world to their kids. This is one of the reasons why we celebrate Earth Day on April 22nd.

There are handfuls of activities taking place all around the planet. One of these is, of course, planting trees. The website has started an ambitious project as the 50th anniversary of Earth day approaches. 

According to the website, the Earth loses over 15 billion trees each year, so it is time to up and do something about it.  The ambitious goal for 2020 (the 50th anniversary of Earth Day) is to plant 7.8 billion trees.  The planting of the trees started this year and it will go on for years to come.  The organization seeks to promote people from all around the globe to plant trees in order to have a more self-preserved planet. 

The three major goals for this huge global-scale activity are:

  • Mitigate Climate Change and Pollution - It is a known fact that greenhouse gases (mostly CO2) are the cause of climate change and that planting more trees will help absorb them. But trees also absorb other gases and help trap impurities from the air.
  • Protect biodiversity - Trees represent the habitat for a myriad of species, planting them guarantees these organisms stay at home.
  • Support communities - Trees represent a sustainable environment for communities since they provide income, energy, and food. They represent a healthy environment that helps reduce incidences of asthma and other air-pollutants-related diseases. 

The organization is inviting people all over the world to plant trees and share the initiative with as many as they can.  When it comes to helping the planet become sustainable and a better home for our future generations, it makes sense to do the best we can.