Michael Diaz, Marketing Genius at Green Shack, San Bernadino, CA
Michael Diaz, Marketing Genius at Green Shack, San Bernadino, CA

The Green Shack Marketplace can be considered one of the few positive things happening in San Bernardino, CA today. While everyone in this part of the country is, one way or another, affected by the frenzied economic state and bothersome crime rate, The Green Shack Marketplace gives the people with a reason to smile.

While The Green Shack in San Bernardino, CA is a favourite for shoppers, it is only appropriate to bring to light the name of Michael Diaz. He is the marketing genius that The Green Shack Marketplace is very thankful for.

Although the Green Shack Marketplace possesses distinguishing characteristics that can really make a business successful, like a roomy back patio, a compelling liquor store, best tasting sandwiches and other world-class deli, this establishment will not be where it is today if not for the efforts exerted by its marketing specialist.

The Green Shack Marketplace is fortunate in having Michael Diaz, who is obviously doing the best he can to further uplift the image and sales of the company. He was born and raised in San Bernardino, California, and with everything that's happening in his career at the moment, he is not likely to go anywhere soon. He finished his studies at CSUSB in 2012. He completed a Bachelor's Degree in Marketing, which explains why his prowess in promoting The Green Shack Marketplace is just so impressive.

With Michael’s leadership and know-how, The Green Shack Marketplace will continue to thrive.