How did Green Shack in San Bernardino, CA start?
How did Green Shack in San Bernardino, CA start?

Considered a local gem in San Bernardino, the Green Shack Deli offers diners great food at a fair price. The environment in the restaurant is a welcoming one and the staff will treat you like a valued customer. The Green Shack market includes other services: travel, Western Union, taxes, lottery, notary, and passport.

But how did this little corner in California start? The market was founded in 1978 by Nardine Iskander and Jerry Martinez and opened on Sept. 29 and since then has continued to entice and satisfy its patrons. The establishment has been passed to Nardine’s heiress, his daughter Manal Iskander, who is now the sole owner.

The market started as a liquor store. It was then converted into a diner in 1982. Today, it is one of the most popular diners in town, especially at lunch hours. The place has been through two recessions, the changing of the landscape, and break-ins. 

In 2014, Manal brought in a touch of technology advancement that has given the place a great boost in popularity online. It now has its own website and even a mobile application. From being a liquor store and then a diner, it has turned into a marketplace that promotes itself with the slogan: “your one stop for everything you need.”

Manal expressed during the 35-year celebration in 2013, “I’ve been in this business my whole life and we’ve had to adapt time after time. We’ve always had a lot of people using Western Union (money transferring), for instance, and as the customer base changed we now use Vigo, which is like the Hispanic Western Union.”

The building where they started still remains the same and is a testimony to all the years that have passed and all the ones to come.