Green Shack holds event for Azizi for Superior Court Judge 2016
Green Shack holds event for Azizi for Superior Court Judge 2016

On May 10, 2016, the Green Shack Market organized a meet-and-greet function at the Green Shack for Soheila Azizi. a San Bernardino Superior Court Judge candidate. The event was promoted as an opportunity for San Bernardino residents be up close and personal with the candidate while enjoying complimentary beverages, dessert, and food during the event.

Azizi, who has been a litigator and trial attorney for 22 years, is among four candidates running for San Bernardino County Superior Court judge. Others include District Attorney Denise Trager Dvorak, law enforcement attorney Dieter Carlos Dammeier, and trial attorney Susan Slater.

Azizi was born in Iran to a Russian migrant father and Iranian mother. They moved to the US years later. Speaking at the event, she said that she stood for justice based on restorative justice, alternative dispute resolution, and collaborative court models. She noted that judges make important decisions and that it was incumbent to the voters to understand the candidates well.

She echoed her commitment to proactive community partnerships aimed at addressing societal problems like substance abuse, juvenile delinquency, among others while restoring the community trust in fairness, justice, and the court process. Azizi has been working as an attorney in Rancho Cucamonga, California, and she was touted as having made a positive difference in the lives of many people by giving guidance where it was needed most and helping people retain their freedoms and rights.

She thanked Green Shack for having organized the function and for all the overwhelming support she was receiving from her followers and friends. She reiterated her resolve in serving on the Superior Courts of the State of California and asked for their continued support.