Why do gardeners plant marigolds?
Why do gardeners plant marigolds?

There are not many plants that are as easy to grow as marigolds. Moreover, these plants are help to keep insects away. These flowers are good bloomers, showing cheerful copper, gold, yellow, and brass flowers from spring until autumn. . Marigolds resemble daisies and carnations and its flower-heads are produced into clusters. They have ability to bloom beautifully all summer long. The connection between insects and plants is called “companion planting”. These plants are a natural, effective, and safe way to garden organically. Farmers have known for years that marigolds are essential plants in vegetable gardens. Not only does the scent of these flowers work to repel insects and animals, but they also provide nutrients to the soil. They will work as a repellent to cutworms and microscopic worms that can damage the roots of vegetable plants. Farmers prefer to plant marigold because of the following reasons:

  • Marigolds are easy to grow and maintain:

Gardeners prefer to grow marigold because they are easy to grow and take very little care. For a pest-resistant, drought-resistant, and completely cold-resistant annual, they make the perfect border for vegetable and flower gardens.

  • Marigold plants help repel pests:

These incredible plants have a pungent odor that keeps pests and insects away. It is used as a cheap defense line around a garden perimeter. Its blooms and cheery splash of color add new life to any garden.

  • Bloom beautifully:

These hardy and fairly, pest-resistant and frost-resistant plants bloom from spring to late fall, adding color to dreary fall vegetable gardens or flower beds that have stopped blooming.